Want to make it in the music industry?

Marketing Tips for Aspiring Singers

Learning how to market yourself effectively and creatively is just as important as refining your musical craft; putting all your time and energy into creating great music is useless until people start listening. 

Even though established artists will have the help of their record company for promotion, most labels expect artists to have a strong following before they’ll even consider signing them!

Social media

There’s no textbook marketing strategy guaranteed to launch you into a successful career, so it’s a case of trying what works best for you. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are excellent tools for maintaining a two-way interaction with fans.

Take the opportunity to connect with those showing you support by responding to comments, and regularly posting shareable content to create hype and excitement about your work!

Keep your profiles slick and relevant by posting selectively: videos are likely to receive the most shares, but your page should also feature information about your upcoming performances and releases.

Limit the amount of explicitly promotional posts, as your followers will lose interest if you seem only to advertise a product. Complimentary shout outs on an established artist’s social media can send more fans in your direction. 

Web awareness

Social media gives you access to a huge general audience, but users of sites like Bandcamp – who are actively browsing new music – are much more likely to engage with your content. 

Make sure you link your other online profiles with your Bandcamp page so that your followers can easily navigate between your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, utilise the tagging feature to make your music more discoverable for new fans. 

Prioritise building relationships with established content creators who have a following within your genre. Try to find bloggers, music journalists or playlist curators that are interested in your music and will agree to feature your work. 

A recommendation from a respected influencer will always have a greater impact than any self-promotion and reach a much larger audience. It’ll also impress and promoters or labels you may wish to approach if you can cite that you’ve been backed by an esteemed influencer in your field! 

It’s also well worth creating your own website, as fans will appreciate having access to a single space where they can find your music, performance dates and so on without having to scour through social media feeds. Your website is likely to be the first impression of your music for people who look you up online, so make sure it’s an accurate reflection of your brand. 


Chris Grayston, founder of Open Mic UK


Chris Grayston is the founder of Open Mic UK,  music competition for unsigned acts 

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