Laura jumped at the chance to study a two-year degree

England high-jumper Laura Armorgie, 20,  has represented England three times. She is vying for a place on Team GB and was ranked 8th in Great Britain. 

She's also studying for a 'fast-track' two-year degree in Buying & Merchandising.

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"I opted for practical experience..."

“I’m fitting in around 15 hours of training a week and I‘m aiming to have an athletics career before my fashion career takes off. I just wanted to get my education sorted first and this degree will hopefully mean I can step straight back into it when the time is right.”

“I looked at traditional university degrees but they just didn’t seem to be very practical. You generally don’t get much experience and they’re very focused on learning from books.

“I opted for practical experience over book learning but I’m still getting a degree. I think that’s going to put me ahead of both college graduates and traditional university graduates. I’m also going to be £9,000 better off than them because I’m doing the course in two years instead of three.

“All my friends on the course are pretty pleased about that. They like the fact they can live at home, pay less or no rent and have been able to hold down part-time jobs they had before their courses started.

“All the tutors either were or still are in the industry and they are so valuable because this is the sort of sector that, unless you’re working in it, you have no idea what’s going on. Trends are moving so fast and it's all very hands on.

Laura is studying for a 'fast-track' two-year BA (Hons) in Buying & Merchandising at the Fashion Retail Academy.

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