#NoWrongPath: People share their success stories as we approach results days

As students prepare to get their exam results, people have taken to Twitter to share their career stories and prove there is #NoWrongPath to success.

The social media campaign was launched by Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) in 2017 and has become an annual tradition.

Jim Savege, 49 from Hertfordshire, began his career as a supermarket cleaner before working as a barman. He then took a job as a mountaineering instructor, and then a school teacher. Four jobs later he is now the chief executive at Aberdeenshire Council.

He said; “Life is one big adventure and journey – there are so many options open to you, building on your SQA results – be bold and do justice to your dreams and ambitions.”

BSW Timber in Earlston shared the story of one of its employees, Dave.

The firm said: “25 years ago Dave left school with one A-Level. He studied Wood Science at night school Then studied Forestry and Wood Science at Bangor University.

“In 1994 he joined BSW Timber as a graduate and he now manages our Boat of Garten Sawmill.”

Leanne Mackenzie, 27, from Inverness, shared her own story which saw her leave school at 16. Multiple jobs and a degree later, she has now completed her MSc in construction project management.

She said: “Where you are now is not necessarily where you are headed next, or where you will ultimately end up.”

Self-styled “death historian” Louvain Rees, 26, from Bridgend, South Wales, said: “I didn’t get the exam results I wanted and I ended up being kicked out of school.

“I am now a historian who is working on all things death with the National Museum of Wales. I’m writing a book and I spend quite a lot of time looking at old documents.”