Emily’s rock solid future

“I didn’t want to go to University, I was scared of getting into debt, but I received little careers advice from my sixth form college.

“I was applying for different apprenticeships on the Government’s website when I came across theLeadership, Education and Development (LEAD) programme with Hanson. “

Hanson supplies building materials to the construction industryand Emily Burridge, 22, is currently in her 4thyear with them, working as a Concrete Technical Production Manager where she covers 25 plants across the West Midlands.

“I started as a LEAD trainee supervisor on a three-year Higher Apprenticeship in partnership with the University of Derby. I achieved a level 4 qualification and completed a foundation degree in Mineral Extractives Technology. I’m now focusing on the quality control of all the concrete produced out of the plants and delivered to customers. I also manage four employees who regularly visit construction sites to sample and test the materials produced.

“I never considered working in construction until I saw the opportunity with Hanson. I’ve realised that it is a perfect career choice for me. I get to create things and come up with new ideas, to make changes, and there is also a great balance of office work and being out onsite in the fresh air, meaning it doesn’t feel like most conventional jobs.

“The people I have met along the way both at university and within the business have been brilliant and have shared a huge amount of knowledge with me.

“The best thing about the opportunity though was that it made me who I am today, I more confident and dare I say intelligent person who is not afraid to admit their mistakes and who will work tirelessly to fix them, also I can now do early mornings which is a big change from my college days.”