Ten of the oddest things left in wills

Wills are difficult documents for all concerned and, when their contents are revealed, they can contain a few surprises.

Reddit user sour_patch_kid__ posed the question: “Lawyers who put together wills, what is the craziest/oddest thing someone wanted to put in theirs?”

Here are some of the best answers.

1. This guy with a past

2. This true crime fan

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3. This charitable soul

From Reddit user PirateRobotNinjaofDe: “My favourite ever (that I obviously didn’t draft) was a lawyer who left the bulk of his estate (millions in today’s dollars) to whatever Toronto-area woman had the most children at a specific date some years in the future. I recall the winner had 10.”

4. This fountain lover

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5. This public spirited citizen

6. This sweet grandpa

From Reddit user rv14guy: “Not a lawyer but my grandpa put in his will a chocolate bar for everyone one of his grand kids. Well I have like 12 cousins and very difficult to track down where a couple of them went. All this estates and money he had in will was at a stand still for months because they couldn’t find my couple cousins. Had to show court we put in effort to hire someone to track them down etc. The lawyer that was helping execute the Will was blown away that this lawyer allowed this and why he wouldn’t highly suggest not to do it. But I’m not complaining cause I got a Toblerone out of the deal!”

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7. This collector of fine antiquities

8. This grudge-holding hero

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9. This woman with a secret

From Reddit user scarlett_pimpernel: “Another lady confessed she had a secret daughter, and she wanted to leave the daughter some money and photographs without the rest of her family finding out. Even her husband does not know. That will be a fun conversation when she passes away.”

10. This stony-hearted joker

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