Older people share questions they would love a teenager to answer

Are there really as many differences between older people and younger people as we may think?

One Reddit user Doi_Mi_Hoi was keen to bridge the generational gap through an Ask Reddit thread which gave people the chance to ask teenagers their burning questions.

1. Do teenagers all think it’s really easy to get famous on social media?

And the answers…?

“Ever heard of the Kardashians? Not a drop of talent between them, yet somehow they are famous. Ask any one why they are famous, there isn’t even a good reason. They turned b*tching on screen into millions.”  – Raven3131

“Easily? No. Is it possible? OFC” – Invasion-Of-Privacy

2. How do teenagers see their future and do they resent older people?

“Seems like everything is heading towards a financial crash, and the biggest thing I have against older generations is that our path towards financial mobility (education) is getting blocked by greed.” – Angelcake162

“Future is actually looking decent, poverty is at all time low as is hunger and disease, drug use is at its lowest in decades and college education is becoming more common, there is a lot to be positive and while climate change does suck I never underestimate mans ability to solve big problems. In short I believe as a whole I will have a better life then the generations before me so for that I am happy.” – 123full

3. Which social media platforms are teenagers really using? 

“No, Snapchat is actually dying right now actually. Instagram is replacing it, and old people are starting to use snap. Plus Snapchat made a stupid update that sped up their death by 1 year.” – Doi_Mi_Hoi

“No, regular texting (or really iMessage) is still very much around. There are a few people though that I only text through snapchat though instead of texting.” – Thing_On_Your_Shelf

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4. What do adults misunderstand about teens?

“There are people who seem to forget that we aren’t adults yet. We aren’t as mature as you, and we haven’t had the same amount – or type – of life experiences you have.” – IAmAMincePie

“The fact that we aren’t a generation of morons. we were raised with all of the information in human history at our fingertips and older generations act like we’re a bunch of idiots who can’t handle the ‘real world’, and then they ask us how to use a copy machine.” – kyberdilithium

5. Things have changed a lot over the last three decades, but what were teens’ first online experiences

“Club Penguin.” – lonliestplanet

“Loading a page as a kid for the chamber of secrets movie and it taking 10 mins or more to load. Good times, now everything is instant!” – Cpt_Whiskers

“I remember my dad’s old dial up computer that I would turn on just to hear the noise. I don’t know what I did after I connected, though.” – hazleslife

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6. Do teens like what their parents like? 

“Country music. I hate it with a burning passion.” – twelveblueoranges

“My mom and I have the same music tastes. I grew up with The Cranberries, U2, Pearl Jam etc. But I love LOVE old U2. She took me to their concert when I was 10 in my area and it just stuck. My father listens to a lot of rap. Which I just can’t like for some reason.” – pimentopianist

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7.  Are young people really addicted to their tech?

“About nine weeks. I was at a boarding school type thing without my phone.” – Ju5t1n726 

“Two days when I had to ship it to get fixed, but I still had my laptop.” – angelcake162

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