10 things that are technically true but entertainingly misleading

At a time when the term “fake news” is bandied around as if there’s no truths left in the world, it feels good to laugh at facts that really are misleading.

That’s what you can enjoy right now, after Reddit user GeneReddit123 asked their fellows: “What’s technically true but extremely misleading?”

Here are 10 of the best answers.


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2. From user fostythesnowman

“My Dad’s fun fact whenever he meets new people is to say that he was a paid Ferrari driver growing up.

“He drove their tractors on a farm.”

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4. From user quen_fly

“Everything is either a potato or not a potato.”

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6. From user Arrowsend

“A pair of pliers can cut your electricity bill by 100%.”

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8. From user whyumayyad

“There are slightly more than two popes per square kilometre in the Vatican.”

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