Here are all the British things that confuse the heck out of Americans

While America and Great Britain share a lot in common, certain cultural aspects on both sides can be baffling for either country.

One Reddit user wanted to know the British cultural quirks that confuse Americans the most, and people from the US did not hold back.

Here are 11 of the best suggestions from Reddit users detailing the most confusing aspects of British culture.

1. From biscuits …

2. To standard greetings.

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3. British clothing is confusing.

4. What on earth is tea?

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5. Beans on toast is baffling.

6. Most Americans have never heard of this chicken chain.

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7. It’s hard to get a handle on local slang.

8. What counts as pudding in Britain?

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9. Americans don’t love Irn Bru.

10. Ale is a source of mystery.

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11. Lastly, this American is disparaging about Britain’s most beloved sauce.

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