13 phrases from TV and film that people use all the time in real life

You know those programmes and films that you love so much you can’t help but quote them in everyday life? Well it turns out everyone has one of those.

That much became apparent when Twitter user @ultrabrilliant asked the question: “What’s a phrase you’ve picked up from a TV show, film, or whatever that you use regularly?”

With that in mind here are 13 of the best – how many of these make it into your day-to-day?

1. Arrested Development

2. Peep Show

3. The Simpsons

4. Dodgeball

5. Alan Partridge

6. The West Wing

7. Brooklyn 99

8. The Inbetweeners

9. The Simpsons part two

10. Kath & Kim

11. The IT Crowd

12. Friends

13. Peep show part two

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