9 inspiring career stories that show there’s ‘no wrong path’ to success .

Exam results day can be a moment of joy or of sorrow, but whichever way it goes thousands of social media users want students to know there’s no wrong path to success.

Continuing a social media campaign originally launched by Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), people have been sharing the stories of their careers to encourage students getting their exam results.

While no path is wrong, here are nine of note and inspiration.

1. This remarkable set of twists and turns.

2. This short and simple message.

3. This guy showing even academic careers can blossom despite poor results.

4. This girl, doing the same as above.

5. These excellent words of encouragement

6. This MP explaining the funny the thing about life.

7. This journalist illustrating that results aren’t everything.

8. This McDonald’s worker to TV presenter story.

9. And this professional mouser, on hand to offer their words of wisdom.

Perhaps Gladstone didn’t write that tweet personally, but the message is just the same – there’s no wrong path.

CareersWeb editor