The debate about which cover versions beat the original just got reignited

Any debate about a cover song which is better than the original gravitates towards two artists – Jeff Buckley and Sinead O’Connor.

But what about if those musicians were benched for the discussion.

That’s the caveat journalist Josh Greenman weaved into his tweet calling for people to “name a cover that’s better than the original”.

All of a sudden you’ve got Johnny Cash, Bjork, Amy Winehouse, The Lemonheads and Joe Cocker being nominated for the honour.

Some people were aware that their lyrical pick was going to set them up for a barrage of questioning.

Curiously many people were discovering that some of their favourite tracks were covers in the first place.

Meanwhile, there was a side debate about Whitney Houston’s take on Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You.

Some uber-fans were championing their artist of choice as nailing any song they performed and making it better than the original.

Essentially it came down to two choices, and this guy nailed the consensus in one tweet.

We now need a Twitter world cup of cover songs to make it official – here’s looking at you Richard Osman.