12 everyday things that might as well be classified as extreme sports

Not everyone has the time to invest in an extreme sport, but plenty engage in pulse-raising pursuits on a day-to-day basis if the internet is to be believed.

When Reddit user James1011james1011 asked: “Other than doing the homework while the teacher is collecting it, what’s an ‘extreme sport’?” loads of people responded with the adrenaline-filled situations they regularly find themselves in.

Strap in – here are 12 of the very best.

1. Panic presentations

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2. The group chat

3. Surprise shower

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4. Train calm

5. Dorito fingers

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6. Toilet trust

7. All in one

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8. Take note

9. Ready, or not

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10. Presents on the go

11. Alarm-less

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12. Don’t wake the baby

Some people live for the thrill.

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