14 children’s characters people view totally differently now they’re adults

From films and books to television series, stories have a special place in childhood – but they aren’t always quite a you remember when revisited as an adult.

On Reddit user missluluh asked their fellows to share the characters from these stories that seem “totally different” now they’re older, and here are 14 of the most popular answers.


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2. From user Peaceful_enough

“Every parent in every Disney movie.

“They’re just trying to get through life and they have to deal with 15 year old magical princesses and s***.”

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4. From user Ecto_Burger

“Homer Simpson. As a kid I thought he was stupid and mean, especially the early seasons before they made him an utter buffoon.

“Then as I became an adult he was much more relatable.

“‘Aw, I have three kids and no money. Why can’t I have no kids and three money?!'”

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6. From user Snozzberry123

“Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold.

“As a kid, I thought she was an ugly weird girl. As an adult, my mind was blown when I realised how neglected she was.

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“Her mom was an alcoholic and her dad was a narcissist who favoured Olga and made her the golden child. Most of the characters have pretty sad stories honestly.

“That show was deep and I never realised it as a child.”


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8. From user Irishwoman94

“Frollo in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“Child: He really doesn’t like Esmeralda.

“Adult: How the F*** is this guy in a Disney movie?”

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10. From user ajrawings

“Han Solo. As a kid – he’s an ace shot, his swagger makes him cool, his best friend is a wookie, he has the best ride in the galaxy, and in the end he gets the girl.

“As an adult – hoooly s*** is this guy ever putting up a front. He never has any idea what he’s doing from moment to moment.

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“His only friends are constantly exasperated by him, he’s massively in debt to a dangerous gangster, and his ride is always falling apart.

“Still the best character though.”


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12. From user YungBeepis

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I always thought as a kid that Greg got unfairly screwed by everyone around him.

“I recently returned to one of the books and realised that for every instance something bad happened to him out of his control, there were at least five more instances where he did something s***** and got his comeuppance.”

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14. From user peanut507

“Woody from toy story.

“He was always a fun toy but now I see his desperation to be played with and his jealousy when Andy plays with someone else.

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“He is actually quite a dark character if you think about it.”

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