Netflix is publishing followers’ anonymous crushes inspired by popular rom-com

Gone are the days when Netflix was just a subscription video streaming service. No, now the company is also a successful romantic matchmaker.

The action was inspired by popular teen romance film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which was released on the platform on August 17.

In the film, student Lara Jean’s world is turned upside down when her younger sister decides to post her sibling’s private love letters to their recipients.

Lana Condor
Vietnamese-American actress Lana Condor, 21, plays Lara Jean in the film (Ian West/PA)

No doubt inspired by this, the company decided to encourage others to declare their love.

Posting to Twitter, the company said: “After watching To All The Boys roughly 37 times, I just want to see more love in the world.”

It called for people to email their love letters to Netflix which would then post an anonymous version on Twitter with the object of their affection tagged.

As well as posting their secret crushes, one person wrote to the film’s star, 21-year-old Vietnamese-American actress Lana Condor.

The note reads: “Thank you for everything and for helping girls like me feel seen.”

Somebody wrote to their husband, on the 15th anniversary of their meeting.

One person said: “You give me the biggest butterflies… You give me the whole damn zoo.”

As well as the anonymous note to Condor, there were notes to secret crushes and long-term friends.

The matchmaking tweet has more than 10,000 likes, proving love is out there for everybody.

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