Can you guess these popular films from just a five-word description?

Do you know your favourite film well enough that you could guess it from five words?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wanted to know how your favourite movie could be described with very few clues.

Can you guess these films based on the descriptions alone?

Don’t worry, the answers are below.

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1. This famous film just needs a simple quote.

Answer: Airplane.

2. Can you guess this ’80s classic?

Answer: Sixteen Candles.

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3. Challenge: Watch this film without crying.

Answer: Up.

4. This very cryptic description…

Answer: Castaway

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5. Can you guess this children’s film?

Answer: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

6. What about this new release?

Answer: Call Me By Your Name.

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7. This one is … quite obvious.

Answer: Snakes On A Plane.

8. This violent way of describing a children’s film.

Answer: The Wizard Of Oz.

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9. Can you guess this one?

Answer: 17 Again.

10. This famous film just had a sequel out.

Answer: The Incredibles.

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11. What can you guess from this line of dialogue?

Answer: The Devil Wears Prada.

12. Lastly, can you name this Cate Blanchett film?

Answer: Carol.

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