Career trends - the Love Island effect

Love Island effect impacts career choice of job seekers

  • Careers in salons and bars are among the most sought after jobs by the nation
  • Applications for construction roles have almost doubled since start of new series

From the cheeky happenings in the villa to the savage re-couplings, it’s the show that’s had the nation gripped all summer. While it’s no secret that Love Island has been the topic of conversation since the new season started in June, it is also surprisingly shaping the career choices of Brits.

New insight from Job Today found that there has been an 40% increase in applications for jobs similar to this year’s Islanders. 

With Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham proving victorious in the finale of Love Island, it appears jobseekers are looking to follow in the footsteps of the likes of barmaid Dani, engineer Wes Nelson and makeup artist Alexandra Cane.

Since the new series began the Job Today hiring app has been monitoring activity and has revealed that construction linked jobs, such as engineering and carpentry, have seen a 43% rise in applications. 

The beauty industry has also seen an influx in the last six weeks with budding beauticians and hair stylists looking for their next gig. The app reported a rise of almost 2,000 applicants following the start of the reality TV show. Meanwhile, it seems that Brits are keen to mingle with the stars of the show once it wraps, as the app also recorded that over a quarter (26%) of the nation’s young jobseekers are looking for careers in clubs and bars.

Commenting on the new research, Polina Montano, co-founder at Job Today said: “This summer’s Love Island has been entertaining to say the least, but proving that it’s more impactful than just what meets the eye and makes the headlines, the Islanders have inspirined new job seekers, especially those under 25.” 

Polina continues: “From jobs in beauty salons to bars, the data found that there was at the very least a 20% increase from June to July in industries that this year’s Islanders work within.

It’s especially interesting given that the application process for the next series is drawing nearer with Dani and Jack winning this season, so who knows maybe some jobseeker might make up the class of 2019.”

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