This University has no time for critics of its new scholarship scheme on Twitter

The University of Reading has told critics of its refugee scholarship scheme to “jog on” in a Twitter post.

The university said the tweet was in response to negative feedback about the scheme, which will provide up to 14 refugees living in the local area with varying scholarships.

The tweet posted on Monday reads: “To these people, we would like to say: Tough. Jog on.”

The scheme was announced on World Refugee Day, June 20. It followed the university’s first ever Refugee Scholars Open Day, which showed 50 refugees the university and gave them advice on applying for scholarships.

“Universities are places for people from all over the world and from all walks of life,” said Professor Robert Van de Noort, pro-vice-chancellor of the University.

“We welcome to Reading those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries and we value the contribution those seeking sanctuary can make to the University and the town in general.

“The launch of these scholarships is another practical step the University has taken to welcome and integrate all people into our communities, our activities and our culture.”

Alumni of the university took to the social network to show their pride at both the scholarship decision and its Twitter defence of it.

Other universities also showed off their own refugee scholarships.


UniversityWeb editor