This new board game is ‘the first to use Amazon Alexa’

A start-up is launching the world’s first voice-augmented board game that works with the Amazon Echo.

When In Rome is a new travel trivia social board game which uses the power of Alexa to guide players through 20 different cities across the globe. According to the makers, it’s the first board game to incorporate Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Alexa acts as the game host, while the voices of real locals ask questions about their cities, ranging from your knowledge of food and drink, to slightly harder topics such as slang and language. Simply select the city you wish to visit and answer the questions as you move across the board.

The digital voice assistant can even jump in with some hints if you’re a little stuck, while local souvenirs are on offer to collect for extra points in each city.

The When In Rome board game
When In Rome is a voice-augmented board game for Amazon Echo (Sensible Object)

When In Rome joins the likes of Amazon’s own Echo Buttons accessory, which launched in December 2017 as new way for users to play games with their voice.

The game will be available in the UK from July 3 at £24.99.

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