12 tweets from people who have just had enough of the heatwave

As the UK and Ireland continue to sizzle in the hottest temperature of the year so far – with a scorching 33.3C recorded in England on Monday – some sun worshippers may have just had enough of the heatwave.

The record-breaking heat comes as people are being urged to either stay out of the sun or at least avoid being in the sun when it is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm.

Although the blazing temperatures are set to continue this week, with many areas expected to bask in the high twenties and others reaching 32C to 34C, the sun may have overstayed its welcome for some people…

1. The longing for grey, rainy skies

2. When your feelings about the weather are perfectly summed up in emoji

3. That moment when you step out of the house for the first time in the afternoon

4. Forgetting what rain feels like

5. Maybe singing about it might help

6. And oh, the longing for snow

7. Maybe this festive song might help

8. Problems you never thought existed

9. Bizarre business ideas that suddenly make sense

10. When no amount of cologne can rescue you from the blazing heat

11. It’s led some of us to question whether we are living in the right country

12. The outside world may feel strange and unfamiliar, but at least we haven’t lost our sarcasm

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