Generation Sensible: Compliment or insult? The debate rages online

An interesting term for the current crop of under-25s is doing the rounds: Generation Sensible.

The term has risen to prominence after an article was released by the BBC containing five charts that purported to sum up the grouping.

The charts, using data from a variety of sources, showed people under 25 are drinking, smoking and taking drugs less, as well as getting arrested less often. Teenage pregnancy rates are also down.

Reaction to the piece and the debate on differences between the generations raged online, with some declaring the term patronising and others celebrating it.

Some of those too old to make the General Sensible cut accused the under-25s of being boring.

Others took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the term.

Baby boomers copped the blame for the younger generation’s aversion to risk.

However, some felt the term, and debate in general, drove a needless wedge between the generations.

So, insult or compliment? We’re still not sure.

Life, HealthWeb editor