What do you do? The question so annoying it’s spawned a meme

What do you do?

Answering that question should be simple but, as many who have spent some time in a profession will attest, it’s often not as easy as it seems.

The workplace always crops up in the same old questions and cliches – so much so that the frustration it causes has now spawned a meme.

Here’s 18 professions and some things you probably shouldn’t say to them.

1. Actor #1

2. Actor #2

3. Canadian actors

4. Librarians

5. Poets

6. Disability rights activists

7. Rabbis

8. Theologians

9. Film critics

10. Food writers

11. Sports writers

12. YouTubers

13. Female hosts of TV shows about science

14. Paleontologists

15. Sociologists

16. Clothing designers

17. Social media workers

18. Freelance journalists

LifeWeb editor