5 top tips to start a business or effect change


We attended a smashing event at London’s City Hall, the Mayor’s Fund for London’s City Pitch, where young Londoners had the opportunity to pitch for funds to positively impact their communities.

Six groups secured funds to help tackle some big issues, including obesity, pollution and child poverty.

One of the patrons of City Pitch is global businesswomen, Elena Baturina. 


"We are the people who remember ourselves."

Elena, a Russian is a self-made billionaire ($) who understands the positive impact young people can make to their communities.

We asked Elena why she got involved with City Pitch, she told us: “City Pitch’s aims and vision are very similar to my own foundation’s: BE OPEN

“Filling the gap between youth and adulthood, presenting opportunities and supporting young people.”
“We were all teens once, all adolescents – I know some have forgotten this, but we are the people who remember ourselves.
“When we think back, there were always people, older, more experienced with knowledge to share, we have to pass it on.”

We asked Elena to share her top tips for anyone wanting to start a business or effect change in their own communities.

Elena B-1.jpg

"We were all teens once..."

Elena’s top tips

1.   Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

2.   Try not to do everything by yourself: work with a team

3.   Do what you really care about

4.   Try not to care what other people say

5.   Do something that benefits society

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