This incredible £20 note drawing is so realistic it looks like a photo

Artist Dan House from Wakefield is going viral for creating a drawing so realistic it’s like looking at a photo.

The drawing, of a £20 note in coloured pencils, took around 45 hours to complete over the course of a year.

The astonishing artwork now has over 10,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Less happy with the shadows than the note, but finally finished my first ever coloured pencil piece! 🙂 from drawing

House told the Press Association: “I first started drawing when I was very young. I did art through school and at A-level, then started focusing on producing photo-realistic drawings after finishing my A-levels.

“I started doing photo-realistic drawings as a challenge for myself, then I just carried on spending longer and longer on them and doing harder and harder subjects, which is why I drew the £20 note, what is harder to copy than something designed not to be copied, right?

“It is still the biggest and most detailed drawing I have ever done.”

House’s first drawings were in black and white as he is colourblind, making his £20 note drawing a challenge to complete.

House said: “I am colourblind yes, it does affect my art, I use pencils with the names on to make sure I’m picking up a blue and not a purple and occasionally I’ll ask someone if I’m still clueless!

“On the whole I can figure it out and although it is harder to draw in colour and might take longer, apparently colourblind people are better at distinguishing tonal values which does help.

“Now I have had more experience using a colour media I will be using it more, although black and white can still be very powerful in some instances.”

House said: “The reaction to the Reddit post was pretty mad, didn’t expect that at all.

“I tried to respond to all the comments and I appreciated all the amazingly positive comments I received. It has definitely motivated me to do more!”

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