Lego figures have perfect-sized hands for holding your phone charging cable

A scientist has made a brilliant discovery – but it revolves around Lego rather than her actual work as a microbiologist.

While looking at the Lego lady scientist on her desk, assistant professor Rebecca Shapiro realised the character’s tiny yellow hands were just the right size to hold her phone charging cable.

She made a base for the scientist to stand on and pushed her charger through the figure’s left hand for her eureka moment.

“The Lego lady scientist has been sitting on my different desks over the last five years – a present from my scientist brother – and today I made the connection,” Ms Shapiro told the Press Association.

“I have a million cords on my desk. Since my phone isn’t always plugged in, it’s always the cord that falls off the desk.”

Well, that’s not going to be happening any more.