You can now use this Motty emoji to celebrate John Motson’s commentary career #JohnMotson

Twitter has introduced a unique John Motson emoji to mark the popular BBC commentator’s retirement.

The 72-year-old, affectionately known as Motty, will hang up his microphone after calling Sunday’s match between Crystal Palace and West Brom for Match Of The Day to bring to an end a 50-year career of football commentary.

Twitter users will trigger the emoji, which shows the broadcaster holding a microphone in his trademark sheepskin coat, if they use any of the hashtags #JohnMotson, #ThanksMotty, #ThanksMotson or #ThankYouMotty.

According to Twitter, he’s the first UK sports broadcaster to have his own emoji on the platform.

Motson began his career with the BBC with a radio commentary on Everton v Derby in December 1969.

He has since covered 29 FA Cup finals and 10 World Cups, along with countless domestic, European and international matches.

SportWeb editor