7 things you might be doing in job interviews that could cost you the position

Have you ever wondered what it is that job interviewers want to see from a candidate, and what they really don’t? The answers might be just around the corner.

Those in the business of speaking to potential employees have been discussing exactly that on Reddit, asking themselves what candidates often do to impress them that actually has the opposite effect.

Here are some of the most popular answers which might just help you get the next job you interview for.

1. Company criticism

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“Bashing their previous/current company. I don’t know why some people do it, but it’s very unbecoming. When asked the question of ‘Why did you leave your previous position’ don’t say because you hated your boss or that it was a terrible place to work… or go on a long drawn out rant that ended with HR firing you.” – badgerfu

2. Asking the questions…

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“Not asking questions. I’m not sure if people do it because they are worried they will look dumb or if they are trying to project confidence, but I have never hired someone that didn’t themselves ask a lot of good questions during their interview.” – Lerk409

3. Rambling

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“Rambling. They’ll just go on and on and on with an unrelated answer to your question. Sometimes it’s okay just not to have an answer.” – Talisker875

4. Be ready, but not too ready

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“Overpreparing. It’s okay to take a moment to think and give a genuine answer, you don’t need to have a canned response ready to go the moment the interviewer finishes asking the question. Hmm that’s a great question. (Take a moment.) What comes to mind for me is…

“By all means PREPARE for the interview. Know the company and practice questions with someone so you’re not stiff when you go into it. However, every answer should not feel like an elevator pitch.” – SlightlyTart

5. Name dropping

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“Name dropping someone they know that works at the company (not a reference). I’ve sat in on a couple interviews where the interviewee dropped the name of an employee and it was someone who isn’t well liked.” – steebers0528

6. Buzzwords

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“Dumb business buzzwords. Hear em all the time and they just make you look like you were churned out of a factory. Be genuine.” – dasoxarechamps2005

7. The classic

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“When asked about weakness, giving a strength disguised as a weakness. Shows lack of self-awareness.” – TheRetroVideogamers

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