The year’s weirdest Twitter beef: Kanye West and Microsoft Excel

Kanye West is certainly courting attention on Twitter at the moment.

A series of tweets praising Donald Trump’s “dragon energy”, criticising Barack Obama and showing off pictures of his Make America Great Again hat were the talk of the internet on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

But one of the under-reported subjects of his Twitter musings was stalwart Microsoft Office component Excel.

It seems that, along with “fake news” and the “thought police”, one thing Kanye can’t stand is Microsoft Excel.

But Kanye, beware: you come at the king of mass market spreadsheet software, you best not miss.

Stepping in to defend Excel? A parody Wu-Tang Clan account, of course.

And that prompted none other than Microsoft Excel itself to wade in – and with considerable sass as well.

One of the more unusual Twitter interactions, for sure.

And people were absolutely loving it – even if they were a little baffled.

A hip hop superstar, a Wu-Tang parody and some spreadsheet software. Just another day on Twitter dot com.