The stairs meme has arrived and here’s 11 amazing ways to use it

The humble meme has yet another iteration and this one knocks others off its perch.

In fact, that’s literally how the stairs meme works, with one entity stood at the top of a set of cleverly typed out flight of stairs, with another subject or thing being booted down by the first.

Confused? Here’s 11 ways it’s being used to help you understand.

1. To be honest about fitness

2. To bemoan studying and the human brain

3. To forward your personal agenda

4. To ignite age-old debates

5. To give credit to master music makers

6. To be real about Kanye’s philosophical tweets

7. To show appreciation for your favourite bands

8. To show more appreciation for your favourite bands

9. To be meta

10. To talk scarves

11. To be honest and just sell some burgers

Go forth and make some memes, just watch your step.

LifeWeb editor