People are confessing to the weird things their families do and assumed were normal

All families have their own little traditions that make them unique, but some people can get a shock when they move out and realise how strange their family quirks are.

Podcast co-host Georgia Hardstark kicked off the conversation on Twitter with the revelation that her family keeps their birthday candles in the freezer.

Social media users replied with their own strange family traditions, and some of them are much more unusual than others.

Here are 11 of the very best.

1. This person’s Christmas presents came from their pets.

2. The Valentine’s Day frog should become a UK-wide tradition.

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3. The front door is bad news for this family.

4. This one actually sounds pretty delicious.

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5. Every family has a strange name for the remote control.

6. This family likes nice, cold… sticky tape.

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7. Getting out all of your swear words in one go seems helpful.

8. There are no expiry dates for this household.

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9. This family likes to keep things very clean.

10. Each morning starts with a team meeting.

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11. This one isn’t that weird… right?

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