Apprenticeship? Could go to Specsavers

We grill apprentice, Adam Fox on why he chose Specsavers

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"Prepare for a challenge..."

Why did you consider an apprenticeship and, why specifically Specsavers?

I wanted to learn skills and experiences that would lead to a career, and Specsavers felt like a career option for the future. It’s a big company with lots of opportunities to grow and develop a career.

I wanted to start a career from the apprenticeship stage, this felt like a more structured way to learn, and it gave me a good feeling - made me feel that I was being invested in and my learning was being taken seriously.

How was the application and selection process?

I was very excited to join the team and to get to know everyone. The first couple of weeks were overwhelming and I found that there was a lot to learn. Once I had spent a few more weeks in the store this feeling started to subside and I started to work closely with my colleagues and ask lots of questions, gaining knowledge from their experience.

How have you found learning with Specsavers?

Being able to apply each new skill to my role on a daily basis keeps the role feeling fresh. Being a part of a big store and a large team means I have many resources to aid in my learning and each day I feel there is something new to learn. My colleagues have been very supportive and are always ready to help.

What’s next, after apprenticeship?

I plan on immediately working towards my Cert 3 and 4 qualifications and then the Dispensing Optician qualification. Working for such a large company with so many career prospects and having support and resources is beneficial for me, I feel comfortable knowing that Specsavers is a big part of my future.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for an apprenticeship?

Prepare for a challenge, my experience is that my chosen field is a fast paced environment with a lot to learn, but for me, my employer provides all the support needed.