10 amazing ‘let that sink in’ facts that will blow your mind

Some fun facts about the world are so incredible that they leave you shocked for days.

Reddit user EstVeritas asked the website for the most interesting “let that sink in” facts, and some of them will blow your mind.

Here are 10 of the best… prepare to be completely shocked.

1. Some people alive today will live to see two, or even three, centuries.

2. Please, nobody test this one out!

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3. This fact might make you feel very old.

4. The moon is alarmingly far away.

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5. This puts things in a strange perspective.

6. Some bowhead whales in Alaska today were born before 1851.

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7. A standard piece of A4 can’t be folded more than eight times.

8. There was a time you didn’t have hard kneecaps.

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9. Two people you didn’t expect to be born in the same year (1929).

10. Finally, we are scarily close to living with a T. Rex.

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