Georgia's striking the right note

Georgia Box, 22, is really on the ball when it comes to sorting out her life.

But while she may be a striker for Billericay Town Ladies and a social media music star about to burst onto the mainstream - she’s also terrified of bananas!

“I am genuinely scared of bananas! Someone chased me with one once and now I can’t go near them!”

Born and bred in Colchester, Essex, Georgia left school after her GCSEs to attend Tiffany Theatre College which is where she found her calling as a future pop star.

She started uploading videos to Facebook every week - something she’s done without fail since she was 19 – and now her 440k+ followers love her originality and the creative twist she puts on her MC battles, covers and mashups.

Football, second only to her music, is a big passion.

Georgia Box with football.jpg

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Famous online for rewriting popular male songs to give their silent female characters a voice and for promoting the positive message young people don’t have to conform or fit a box, she has a huge, dedicated fan base.

Last year alone, her videos were streamed more than 90m times on Facebook with her video giving ‘Shaggy’s girlfriend’s version of events’ going viral with 30m views. Unsigned she has already achieved pop success, landing a top three single which charted above Ed Sheeran on the iTunes singer songwriter chart last year. Now she’s about to release her latest track, I Don’t Want You Anymore - a song she says shows women in a more realistic light post-break up.

Georgia lives by an alternative ‘girl power’ narrative within her music and lifestyle. It means not conforming to what ‘pop’ means for a female singer and promoting a message to her fans they shouldn’t be afraid to do what makes them happy. 

“Just because you're into football doesn't mean you can’t like makeup. Just because you're female it doesn't mean you’re overly emotional,” she says.                                                                       

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"Just because you're into football doesn't mean you can’t like makeup."

“Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved singing. It’s always been a passion of mine.      “When I left college, I began gigging and performing as much as I could. It made me realise it was exactly what I wanted to do and more.                                                                       

“I’ve been really lucky so far, because I haven’t faced anything too overwhelming.

“I write and record my content on a weekly basis so sometimes it can be tricky to juggle music with my personal life and football, especially when I get writer’s block. But I’m very lucky to have friends and family who are supportive, especially as I gig most weekends and this is when my friends are free, but we make it work during the week.”

Her passion for music and what it can achieve, shines through. “I love helping people with my music. A lot of my music is to do with empowering women, especially post break-up. Break-ups can be hard but I think it’s really important we all know we can get through things by staying strong and knowing we can be independent.  The best bit about it is receiving messages from my fans, both men and women, telling me how much my music helps them and empowers them. It’s a great feeling.”                                                                    

Georgia Box I Don't Want You Anymore 04 copy.jpg

“The hardest part is the unknown."

But she admits it’s not always easy. “The hardest part is the unknown. With the path I’ve chosen to go down, there is no telling where I am going to be in six months or 20 years. I just have to keep working hard and hope my fans continue to support me. They have been amazing so far!”   

Anyone hoping to follow a similar path needs to be persistent, she cautions.  “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. If it’s something you want badly enough and something you’re willing to work hard at then it will happen for you.”

As for the future, she says: “I hope that my music is heard worldwide by as many people as possible. I would love for this single I Don’t Want You Anymore to be heard by loads of people, they can download it on iTunes or Spotify or other digital stores now if they want to. It would be a dream to have my songs played on main radio stations and to be performing in big arenas and at major festivals.”

Georgia Box’s I Don’t Want You Anymore is available now on iTunes and Spotify