Discover the experiences of LGBTQ+ people around the world with these five short films

The British Council is promoting emerging filmmakers by showcasing five films centred around LGBTQ+ issues online.

Five Films For Freedom is in its fourth year of showing LGBTQ+-centred works. Last year, the films were viewed 1.8 million times by people in 202 countries and principalities, including parts of the world where homosexuality is criminalised.

Made in India, Greece, South Korea, Canada and the UK, the films will be shown in London, but can be viewed online until April 1.

1. Landline by Matt Houghton

This short film is narrated by the founder of, and callers to, the UK’s only helpline for gay farmers, founded in 2010.

Stories of stigma, homophobia, internal struggle and acceptance in rural communities are told, accompanied by thoughtful film dramatisation.

The Gay Farmer Helpline can be contacted on 07837 931894.

2. Goddess by Karishma Dev Dube

In a film which deals with class and gender boundaries, Goddess focuses on young woman Tara and her journey coming to terms with her sexuality. This journey results in unintended consequences for the family’s maid.

Turn on subtitles to view the English translation.

3. Uninvited by Seung Yeob Lee

Most people have experienced an unexpected visit from a parent, but when Jungho’s mother rings the doorbell, he has just moments to hide all traces of his boyfriend’s existence.

Turn on subtitles to view the English translation.

4. Handsome & Majestic by Jeff Lee Petry and Nathan Drillot

Handsome And Majestic follows the story of trans boy Milan and his experience at school and in his home city. The documentary includes interviews with Milan himself, his parents and little sister and touches on his newly formed friendship with another trans boy in his area.

5. Goldfish by Yorgos Angelopoulos

Naming a pet is an important moment, but trying to impart a message you’ve struggled to articulate into that name is a difficult task.

Goldfish is a tale of a macho father and his seven-year-old son, who names his new goldfish after Olympic Diver Tom Daley. His father’s reaction is not what he hoped.

Turn on subtitles to view the English translation.

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