ASOS made a typo on 17,000 bags, but is styling it out spectacularly

When ASOS made an obvious typing error on a batch of 17,000 bags, the clothing brand took to Twitter to poke fun at their mistake.

The clear bags used to package clothing usually read: “Discover fashion online”. Unfortunately for whoever signed off on the bag order, the brand now owns 17,000 bags reading: “Discover fashion onilne”.

Seeing no point in wasting the bags, ASOS thought it would let customers know to expect the error by tweeting it out.

Customers reacted to the tongue-in-cheek post by joking that bags featuring the typo could be sold on for high sums.

Others expressed concern around how much plastic would be used in those 17,000 bags, though ASOS assured them the bags and other packaging were recyclable.

This guy took the opportunity to advertise his services as a copywriter…

… and pretty much everyone agreed the typo and its aftermath were pretty funny.

Fashion, LifeWeb editor