This woman improvised her own sweet Scotch egg with Cadbury Creme Eggs, but how did it taste?


With Easter fast approaching there are more Creme Eggs around than some people know what to do with, a problem one woman in Nottingham is grappling with in her own way.

Philippa Rice, is an author and cartoonist who decided to see just how authentic she could make a Creme Egg/Scotch egg concoction look.

“Since Easter is approaching there are Easter eggs everywhere, and recipes for different Creme Egg cakes and brownies everywhere, so I wondered if anyone had done a Creme Egg Scotch egg,” Philippa told the Press Association.

“I found some recipes online but they didn’t look like a real Scotch egg (actually, they looked really nice) so I thought I’d try making one that looked realistic.”

Intriguingly, Philippa has never eaten a Scotch egg as she’s not keen on boiled eggs, but said she was fascinated by them.

On this particular adventure, she began by making a cake mix and turning it into crumbs.

She then went on to mix that with peanut butter before crushing biscuits up for the external layer.

After that it was a simple case of Creme Egg, mixture, crumbs, and…

… voila! Two quite realistic sweet Scotch eggs.

“It was quite easy,” Philippa said. “The only bit I actually had to bake was the pink cake, the rest was just mixing and assembling.”

That’s all very well, but how did it taste?

“Well it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t exactly a wonderful treat,” said Philippa. “It’s more fun to make than it is to eat to be honest!”

She also added that, if she were to attempt the recipe again, she: “Might try it a different way and surround the egg with pink cookie dough and bake it.”

Egg-ceptional work, Philippa.

LifeWeb editor