11 social norms that people on Reddit just can’t get on board with

Have you ever conformed to a social norm and questioned its validity? Reddit users have and they’ve got some strong opinions about them.

From eating times to moving with the beat, here are 11 social norms that people on Reddit just don’t understand.

1. Solo cinema

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“Not going to the cinema by yourself. If I’m going to sit in silence in a dark room while looking forward why do I need other people there? It’s not a particularly social activity.” – Raichu7

2. Elbows in

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“No elbows on the table.” – Decolans

3. Food o’clock

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“Eating certain foods only at certain times a day. Frankly, I don’t want to live in a world where 7:30 AM is a bad time for pie and I don’t want to associate with those who believe otherwise. I don’t need that kind of negative energy in my life.” – Ecobay25

4. No, I insist!

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“It’s considered polite for a guest to offer to help clean up after being invited to dinner, but the host is supposed to decline.” – Carol_Yoo

5. Remainder

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“You know how no one ever eats the last of something? Like you bring a box of chocolates to work and they all disappear with light speed, except for the last one which just sits there for days. I’m always the one to go on a rant, trying to understand the psychology behind it, only to be met with blank stares from everyone as if I’m crazy.” – jagua_haku

6. Chit-chat

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“Forced small talk.” – WearsFedoraBackwards

7. Return to sender

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“Giving cards to someone you regularly see in real life. Never understood why I get given birthday cards from people who literally live in the same house as me. Just say happy birthday to my face!” – ]Mamsies

8. You can dance if you want to

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“Dancing. Stop trying to get me to dance. I don’t dance.” – hello_friend_

9. All smiles

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“Smiling when there’s no reason to. People CONSTANTLY tell me I should smile more, but I smile as a reaction, not by default. Smiling by default seems creepy to me.” – Jeuscifer

10. Diamonds are nobody’s best friend

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“Diamond rings to express love. Total product of marketing.” – CoolCatLadyy

11. Bless who?

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“Saying ‘Bless you’ after someone sneezes. Some people have become genuinely offended when I remained silent after they sneezed. Hearing a group of people shout it out, after someone sneezes, sounds ridiculous to me.” – holloweartheory

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