What happens when we die, described by 11 GIFs on Twitter

We might not like to think too often about our final destination in life, but on the internet anything and everything can be made into a bit of fun.

Twitter user Georgia Hardstark asked people to explain what they think happens when we die – using a GIF.

Just in case you’re new to this internet thing, GIFs are typically used to share moving images on social media – and the replies to Georgia’s question are rather lively.

1. Like this idea of heaven for dog lovers.

2. Or this one hoping it’s the simple things in life that endure.

3. Or even this one, hoping for the really simple things.

4. This girl learnt her life lessons from Disney.

5. This girl watches a lot of The Simpsons.

6. This person wasn’t feeling optimistic.

7. This one wasn’t either.

8. It’s not quite clear how this person felt about it at all.

9. This one likes sofas – and Kristen Bell.

10. This girl appears to think we’re in a computer simulation.

11. And this person just hopes there will be chicken.

Insert your own KFC joke here.

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