This person skiing in London is the peak of the reaction to the snow #snowUK

Snow has been sweeping across the UK, and it seems like nowhere has been quite as shocked to see it falling than London.

Nowhere is this better exampled than by the sight of a skier spotted making their way through Oxford Circus.

The snow isn’t deep, granted, but what excuse do you need to get your ski gear out?

In fairness though, according to Nicola Heath who caught the action on camera, the skiing might not have been quite as genuine as it seemed.

“I think it was probably some people just out having a laugh as there were a couple of them filming,” Nicola told the Press Association. “It gave us all a good giggle from our office though.”

This skiing isn’t the only bit of fun people have been having with the snow however – as one intrepid adventurer sought to resurrect an old meme.

The snow has been brought to Britain by easterly winds and has been causing some remarkable sights.

Nicknamed the Beast from the East, the snow has been causing havoc in Ireland too – where some began to panic when they saw Aldi was running out of supplies.

Some in Britain believe there’s a bit of overreaction going on however.

And there was even talk of a north-south divide.

The snow is set to continue over the next few days, with forecasters saying the worst affected areas, in Scotland, could see up to 40cm of snow and a wind chill of minus 10C – with commuters urged not to travel on Wednesday and Thursday in those locations.

If you’d like more information about the snow and the weather warnings in place, go to the Met Office website.

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