These Easter swaps could save your teeth

Dentists have created the perfect shopping list to keep teeth happy this Easter

• Recommendations include Malteser Bunnies over Creme Eggs and Green & Blacks over Nestlè Easter eggs
• Brits likely to consume 1KG of sugar over Easter - the equivalent of 250 teaspoons

Mini eggs, chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns are set to become diet staples as Easter approaches. The season of chocolate will surely force even the most dedicated New Year dieters into melt down. 

However some choices are better than others when it comes to oral health.

The team of dental experts at White Glo have done the research and put together a guide on the best for teeth food hacks to enjoy Easter’s tempting treats

For those with a weakness for mini eggs, choose Ferrero Roche’s version over Cadbury. Cadbury may be a favourite, but they contain 68.5g sugar per 100g, whereas Ferrero’s version has considerably less at 45.8g. 

When it comes to chocolate bunnies, Lindt’s signature gold variety is a clear choice, but the sugar content differs dramatically. Select the Lindt milk chocolate hazelnut version for 41g of sugar, compared to 55g in the standard milk chocolate bunny. For even less sugar, opt for the dark chocolate bunny which has just 35g of the sweet stuff. 

Ditching the Easter cake in favour of traditional hot cross buns is another way to give teeth a break. 

Choosing Tesco’s Seeded Hot Cross Buns over Cadbury Mini Egg Cakes will cut sugar consumption in half, from 18.9g in the cake, to just 9.3g in the bun.

Further tips to reduce the damage to teeth this Easter include choosing Green & Black chocolate eggs over Nestlè’s, to slash sugar from around 70g to 45.5g. 

Unfortunately,  according to the White Glo experts, Creme Eggs should also be avoided as each one contains 26.5g of sugar, so opt for a Malteser Bunny instead for 15g of sugar. 

While Easter weekend is a time to enjoy food with friends and family, a few smart choices could save a trip to the dentist later in the year. 

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