Twitter just discovered doubles luge and the result is complete confusion

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have been all about discovering passion for sports you never paid attention to in the past, but one event has people more confused than enthralled.

Luge involves one person sliding down the ice on a sled on their back, which means double luge looks like this…

It was Germany who took the gold on this occasion, defending their title by just 0.088 seconds.

Matthew Pinsent and Dai Greene, former rower and current athlete respectively, both struggled to get their heads around the sport.

And they weren’t the only ones watching, jaws agape.

Presumably someone was sat watching the luge one day and thought: “How can we make this more of a team sport?”

Could the double luge inspire something wonderful at the summer Games?

It’s fair to say the Winter Olympics event has got people thinking.

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