Women are taking to social media to explain why they don’t go out alone at night

What would you do if the streets were all yours for one night only?

Civil rights activist and podcast host Danielle Muscato took to Twitter to ask women what they would do at night time if all men had a mandatory 9pm curfew.

What started out as an interesting thought experiment quickly turned tragic, as many social media users revealed that the fear of being assaulted at night can prevent them from doing things that they would love to do.

Muscato finished the question with the hashtag #MeToo, referencing the cultural movement founded by Tarana Burke against sexual assault and harassment.

Here are 11 of the answers women on social media came up with, and they’re equally as educational as they are heartbreaking.

1. This person would sit on the beach undisturbed.

2. Walk around a city without fear.

3. There would be less worry of a home-invader.

4. Some women don’t jog at night.

5. Many would simply lower their inhibitions.

6. Public transport would no longer feel threatening.

7. Parking in well-lit spaces can be hard to find.

8. This evening sounds idyllic.

9. There were some upsetting replies.

10. This person would walk rather than opting for a taxi.

11. Lastly, this good person proves you can learn a lot by listening to others.

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