Financial Services Careers: Meet Mya, a Software Developer...

Mya Griffiths, 19, joined Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) as an apprentice (level 4) software developer in 2016, after leaving sixth form in year 12.

Mya Griffiths apprentice at Yorkshire Building Society-1.jpg

"...the transition from college to work wasn’t difficult - I already had an idea what office life is like."

Before I joined the company, I didn’t know much about financial services, but for the first six months, I spent time in different parts of the company. I learned about areas such as deeds and bereavement, and I spent time in branch to see what goes on day to day. It was all quite new to me, but it helped me to understand how the business works.

I like learning something new. When I was at sixth form, I studied IT, business and sport, and I wanted to work. My mum works here and I asked through her about any apprentice opportunities. I knew a little about the company and that it was a good sector to work in - and I didn’t want to take on any debt – I carried on studying for my business A level part time.

I’m about the youngest here but that doesn’t bother me. If I need to know something, I find that everyone is very supportive and friendly. I have a mentor and he usually knows the answer to any problems. I’m currently working in a support team within the mortgage department, looking at all the incidents that happen every day with mortgage products – it’s interesting and different every day. It’s a good sector – there are loads of competitors, loads of opportunities and different routes to take.

When you apply, it really helps to have experience and extra interests on your CV. I’d already worked at Yorkshire Water as a business analyst and at Marks & Spencer part time. I loved gymnastics and I’m also really interested in technology – that and my work experience helped my application. And the transition from college to work wasn’t difficult - I already had an idea what office life is like.

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