14 films that would be incredibly boring if they stayed true to their title

What’s in a name? That famous question posed by Juliet to Romeo comes in a play by William Shakespeare whose title is in fact relatively self-explanatory – but stories aren’t always so true to their name.

For example, if you were just given the title of many films without any background knowledge or understanding they may sound entirely different from the actual movie – boring even.

It is these confusingly-named films that are the topic of conversation on Reddit, where user zev_3 asked: “What movie plot would probably sound boring if the plot was literally based on the title of the movie?”

Here are 14 of the best answers.


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2. From user PrinceOfTheSword

“Rush Hour would just be a movie about a guy driving home from work, but the actual runtime of the film would be 45 minutes longer than advertised.”

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4. From user muyacerov

“Paycheck. Dude goes to work. The climax is him getting his check and putting it in the bank.”

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6. From user Junko__Enoshima

“The Room.”

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8. From user SkyGuardianOfTheSky

“Law Abiding Citizen

“Nothing quite like the exciting tale of some dude not breaking any laws the absolute madman.”

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10. From user WarEagle55


“Noel Gallagher actually turned down the opportunity to do the soundtrack because ‘a movie about trainspotters sounds f****** boring’.”

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12. From user thedutchmerchant

“127 Hours, just really looong.”

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14. From user tianepteen

“Schindler’s List.

“Just a guy going shopping, checking his list every few seconds.”

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