Best paid apprenticeships

Companies can be very coy about how much they pay their apprentices and starting salaries can be scandalously low.


In the last year the government has prosecuted a handful of employers who’ve failed to pay the minimum wage – currently £3.50 an hour and due to rise to £3.70 in April 2018.

The good news is that higher level and degree apprenticeships pay considerably better, with built-in salary rises and prospects of a decent salary after qualification. These compare healthily with many graduate salaries – while top companies pay their graduates around £30,000, most graduates begin on around £19,000 to £22,000, according to

Latest government figures from 2016 show level 4/5 apprentices are paid £10.80 an hour, level 3 £7.37 an hour and level 2 £6.66 an hour. Worst payers are hairdressing at £3.47 an hour, followed by children’s care at £5.02.

Here are some top paying apprenticeships, according to, which has used information from thousands of reviews to work out latest salaries.

Even better news - many schemes are now advertising higher starting pay.


Top paying UK apprenticeships 

  1. Accountancy £19,734
  2. Government / not for profit £19,316
  3. Banking £18,937
  4. Energy £18,479
  5. Insurance asset and investment management £17,384
  6. IT and consultancy £17,334
  7. Engineering £16,719
  8. Business £16,468
  9. Construction £16,468
  10. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) £15,884