Bag that job! UNiDAYS boss offers his top tips

We caught up with UNiDAYS boss, Josh Rathour to get some top tips and to find out what he expects from interviewees...

1.    Be prepared

– always have examples to support what you are saying in an interview. It’s important to be clear in everything you are saying as this will help to provide a sense of what you have done and how you did it. Rehearsing what you want to say during the interview helps to put you at ease and give the interviewer confidence that what they're saying is tangible.

2.    Be yourself

– it’s important to remember that the interviewer is looking to hire someone who is not only a good fit for the role but also a good cultural fit. I find it is easy to tell whether someone has the right personality and work ethic for my company in the first 5-10 minutes of an interview. I use the rest of the time to validate my decision and get to know them - as they're likely to be sat opposite me day in day out pretty soon!

3.    Do your research

– always read about the company you’re interviewing with, check out recent news stories, LinkedIn and other sources for information, it'll help you answer questions in an appropriate way. Facebook, SnapChat and nstagram can also give you a feel for the culture.

4.    Ask questions

– prepare a couple of questions to ask the interviewer. Interviews are a two-way discussion and it'll make you feel more confident to have something prepared to ask 

5.    Be on time

– make sure you arrive on time and that you know the name of the individual who will be interviewing you. It’s always better to be early than to arrive late even if by just a few minutes. If you are delayed by a train or a bus etc. let the person you are meeting know as soon as possible

6.    Make an impression

- little things like being on time, maintaining good eye contact, taking in pride in your appearance as we being prepared make a big difference.

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