Melissa's designs on success

Melissa Bolivar has always had designs on success – and now she’s making them a reality.

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Last year, at the age of 24 she left her 9 to 5 job to set up her own interior design business. A year on and House of Sui Sui has not only worked with global fashion brand Hugo Boss but also completed a £2.6 million home for one of London’s top residential developers.

So what’s the secret of her success? Melissa reveals her top tips for those dreaming of making their mark one day.

1. Create your own opportunities

“Don’t wait for someone to hand them down to you. Always take matters into your own hands and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile.

“If for instance you yearn to start a fashion brand, you could start by writing a blog on fashion pieces you love, or sharing your advice on how to style outfits. It wouldn’t cost you anything to set up.

“You could also set up an Instagram account and start building a following just through sharing photographs of designers you admire - you may well be attracting future customers and you have begun creating your own success.

“Once you’ve got a following, you could design and launch one piece, whether that be a piece you make or something you’ve sourced from somewhere else.

“You’ll learn so much in the process about what you like and don’t like. You’ll also be one step ahead of everyone else, which will either impress your future employers or help you build up your business!”

2. Read, read, read!

“Somewhere there is a book or an article on everything you want to learn.

“This goes back to my first point, instead of waiting for someone to teach you something go and find what you want to learn about and teach yourself.”

3. Young is refreshing.

“Remember you have a big advantage over the majority of older people who may not be as savvy with technology.

“A lot of the time young people look up to older people but the young forget the world is looking at them to see what new and innovative things they will come up with.

“You have a new perspective, so use it to your advantage,” she says. “The world has changed and is still changing, companies who dominated markets for years are struggling while new businesses come in and sweep everything away. New money is here! Jump on the ride.”

4. Be unique

“Remember being unique is your secret weapon. Mohamed Ali and Picasso had nothing in common, what made them successful was their individuality - so make sure you keep yours.”

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Hampstead Manor Interior by House of Sui Sui and Design Haus Liberty, photography by Jack Hobhouse.
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