People are wondering who North Korea’s famous Pink Lady is

As global tensions heighten following North Korea’s test of a hydrogen bomb, questions are being raised about one of the state’s most well-known public figures.

Her face is recognised around the world, but who is North Korea’s most famous newsreader?

Ri Chun-Hee, famed for her thunderous tone and dramatic delivery, is a trusted, veteran newsreader in the secretive state who has been delivering the news on Korean Central Television (KCTV) for more than 40 years.

He trademark pink Joseon-ot has earned her the Pink Lady nickname on the internet.

She was promoted to the channel’s chief news presenter in 1974 and has enjoyed a uniquely long career, in comparison to her peers.

Her appearance on television signifies the scale of the news being delivered. Although she retired in 2012, she returns to screens at the announcement of major events, such as the deaths of leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

The broadcaster’s recent appearances have been getting a lot of attention online.

“It’s very hard in North Korea to become an anchor,” Katharine HS Moon, a professor at Wellesley College told Channel 4.

“Especially for women, she is really the only one who’s ever made it this far.

“In many ways, she serves as the public mother image or feminine image for the state. She is highly trusted by the state (and is) literally the voice of the state, to the public.”

Reportedly known as “the people’s broadcaster”, the newsreader did not follow a traditional route into journalism, but started out in performing arts, and was recruited by KCTV in 1971.

According to a profile on Ri in North Korea’s Chosun Monthly magazine, she lives in relative luxury in Pyongyang with her family.

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