Why advertising could be the perfect career for you

Have you ever considered who is making the ads that you see every day? Whilst you’re waiting for the film to start, listening to the radio or at the bus stop? Advertising is everywhere. But how did it get there?

Well, there’s a whole army of teams behind every one of them. From programmers, researchers, planners and tech specialists through to writers, and graphic designers.

Working in advertising isn’t just for arty creatives; there are a huge range of different roles in the industry. No matter what your interests and skills are, or what subjects you study, there could be a future career in Advertising waiting for you.

What type of role is best for you?

Our brains work in lots of different ways and the jobs we are suited to vary.

If you think logically and plan things to get from A to B you can be best suited to planning or analytical roles, such as strategic and media planning, web and app development or data analysis.

People who can move from logical, linear thinking to leaps of faith and intuition might be great in hands-on roles such as account and project management or production.

If you are creative, imaginative and love playing with ideas you could be perfect for a career in one of advertising’s creative roles, such as copywriting or design.

The tech challenge

The world of tech is constantly evolving and advertisers are on the front-line, trying to make sure they keep on top of the latest developments.

Advances in the use of artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for brands and their advertising agencies to master.

If you enjoy science or maths then you could be one of the driving forces behind helping your favourite brand embrace this new technology.

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Are you interested in learning more about a career in advertising?

The industry is hosting a free, nationwide open day on Friday 29th September called Advertising Unlocked, which will see more than 70 top agencies across the UK open their doors and give you an insight into the world of advertising and the potential careers it can offer.

Some of the sessions will run all day, some will just be in the morning or afternoon. You will get to see what it’s like inside an advertising agency, meet the people who work there, get hands on with interactive technology, ask questions and find out about the job opportunities on offer including work experience and apprenticeships.

To find out more, see the full list of agencies taking part in Advertising Unlocked, and to book your free place at one of the sessions visit advertisingunlocked.co.uk. Hurry, places are limited.

You can attend the day if you are aged 16+. However if you are under 18 do ask a teacher, parent or career advisor to book on your behalf as they will need to attend with you. If you are aged 18+ you can book yourself a place and attend on your own or with friends.

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