Top five websites that help make student life that little bit more bearable.

Let's be honest, the real reason we sit through all these years of education is for the student discount.


Ah, yes, the giant of student discounts. UNiDAYS offers discounts from 10% to 50% in store and online at over 200 major retailers, including McDonald's. Go claim your free McFlurry.


Student Beans

Similar to UNiDAYS, but so different. Less well-known, Student Beans offers discount codes for just about the same retailers as UNiDAYS, and so many more. Also, you're more likely to find discounts for smaller retailers on here, which is great, because it's cool to be indie.


Sleepy Time

Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. There's not a lot worse than having major difficulty getting yourself out of bed in the morning in time for the bus, and when this seems to be happening every day, it's time to call for Sleepy Time! Enter the time you need to wake up, and the website works its magic to tell you the perfect time to fall asleep so that you won't feel tired in the morning. Amazing, right?!



Budding chef? Awful chef? Whoever you are, Cooklet is the perfect platform to find both help and inspiration. Create an account and you'll be able to connect with people across the world to help find an alternative to beans on toast. Because, yes, having it 7 days in a row is a problem. 



Okay, so this is a bit of a cheat one. You need to have a subscription for this site, but it’s more than likely your school or college will have one available for you to use - and it's worth finding out. This site seems to hold every single fact on every single career and every single pathway to get there. It's brilliant, and it'll help you get to grips with your next steps.
LifeEmily Baulf