Your favourite flavour of Walkers crisps could be in jeopardy

Walkers has made the bold decision to put some of its most popular flavours to a public vote, with one eventually being replaced by something brand new.

The Choose or Lose campaign once again puts great power into the hands of the British people, with salt and vinegar, prawn cocktail and smoky bacon all at risk – and pitted directly against lime and black pepper, paprika and bacon and cheddar.

So who goes? The outcome will be determined 80% by single pack sales, and 20% by an online vote.

Obviously it’s a ploy created entirely so that people go out and buy more crisps, but you’ve got to hand it to them – the stakes are high on this one.

Each of the alternatives chosen to battle the popular British flavours is a best-seller overseas, with lime and black pepper being from Australia, paprika from Spain and bacon and cheddar from the US.

The flavour with the lowest number of votes and purchases will be no more, with the public vote opening on August 14.

People have already started noticing the competition being advertised on packets, and they are not happy.

With the recent referendum and the election proving a lot of people wrong, no-one can say which way this one will go…

LifeWeb editor